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Monster Devourer summary:

‘Meok Gwi-Sa’ is a Monster Hunter who eats monsters to protect the human world. After the release of the Hell demon, he lost his power. He managed to survive and met Goyoung. Goyoung, is a young individual with a petite build, who has endured a lifetime of torment due to his physical stature. His childhood friend, Kang Jong-bo, suddenly transforms into a bully during high school. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when Goyoung acquired a mysterious power which is the ability to devour monsters. Goyoung embarks on a perilous journey to protect humanity from the impending threat of the Gate to Hell. Will he be able to control his new powers and save the world from its impending doom?
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Chapter 13 0 18 hour ago
Chapter 12 0 19 hour ago
Chapter 11 2.8K Apr 03,24
Chapter 10 3.9K Mar 27,24
Chapter 9 4.8K Mar 25,24
Chapter 8 5.8K Mar 19,24
Chapter 7 6.2K Mar 14,24
Chapter 6 6.3K Mar 14,24
Chapter 5 6K Mar 14,24
Chapter 4 8.5K Mar 03,24
Chapter 3 8.3K Mar 03,24
Chapter 2 15K Mar 03,24
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